Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Calling All Computer-saavy People Out There: HELP!

Now that the books are on their way to the publisher, I have a very small problem but being basically computer-illiterate (I believe the politically-correct phrase would be 'computer challenged') I need your help.

Can anyone figure out who is the photographer or to whom can I credit this photo below? I found it originally while Googling Images in 2010. I used key words like, African newborns, cute African babies, Somali babies, Black babies, and Black newborns. Even reverse-search site did not come up with anything. Please use the comment box to reply. Thanks a MILLION!

You will be the proud recipient (for finding this information for me) of one of the first autographed paperback editions of the first book as your reward. I promise! Include your name, email contact and full address.

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