Saturday, June 13, 2015

My first book signing at the St. Cloud, Minnesota Art Crawl yesterday

Our book has been born!

Below: L to R, Patricia Morris, my editor AKA fairy godmother (who else makes dreams come true?) center: Corrine Dwyer, publisher from North Star Press, and me, making believe I am a real author.

It kinda feels like my first day at kindergarten did....

And now, my very favorite other book this month that you absolutely have to check out: The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: An American Woman's Adventures in the Oldest City on Earth  by Jennifer Steil. A gifted writer, Steil surprised me with her brilliant and candid writing… and her elegance. It is rare to find a first book this enticing. Writing with a journalist's eye for detail, Steil narrates the journey she and her staff of a Yemeni newspaper take together, sometimes endearing, but then at other times a volatile clash of two cultures. I was immediately drawn into her story, so different and so original from many of the works being published here and abroad today. A truly refreshing change, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky definitely made me want to immediately order her next book, even before I turned the last page. I am not sure where Ms. Steil has been hiding all these years, but I am glad I have discovered her at last. I think I can expect the same exacting precision of writing in her next book. I cannot wait until The Ambassador's Wife arrives! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ma Doula: A Story Tour of Birth has arrived!!

To order: and then go to Memoir. Also note that if you use the coupon code NewBooks, you get 10% off all 2015 titles. $14.95 Author: Stephanie Sorensen

From Ina May Gaskin:
"Ma Doula is a wonderful book for parents-to-be who love birth stories that provide a look at the great range of what can happen during pregnancy, labor and birth. It’s an incomparable resource for doulas, especially those who work with immigrant communities. Stephanie Sorensen is a brilliant storyteller. Her book is full of wisdom and tenderness.” ~ Ina May Gaskin, America’s leading midwife; author of Birth Matters: A Midwife’s Manifesta

Other reviews:
“I loved this book. Stephanie Sorensen's compassion and intelligence make Ma Doula a feast for both mind and heart as she weaves the best of birthing wisdom into the real stories of mothers and their babies in multicultural Minneapolis. I am grateful to the brave, honest women I met on the pages of this marvelous book.” –Mary Johnson, author, An Unquenchable Thirst; creative director of retreats, A Room of Her Own Foundation (AROHO)

“This is a wonderful book with real stories. And I mean ‘real’ in many ways. Of course they are ‘real’ in being true, attesting to an amazingly rich experience. But they are ‘real’ also in the sense that they collectively portray what is our ‘real’ biology, which we are in danger of losing in our technologically oriented world. Along the way, Stephanie provides all the connections to the ‘real’ world we live in. . . . Stephanie shares all this with us in an amazingly ‘real’ way, story after story with wonderful detail. This is ‘real’ and normal birth, how birth should really be.”
–Dr. Nils Bergman, specialist in perinatal neuroscience; co-founder, Kangaroo Mother Care movement; co-author, Hold Your Premie, Cape Town South Africa

From the editor: 
Midwife-turned-author, Stephanie Sorensen seems to swim seamlessly through cultures, religions, superstitions, raw fear and ecstasy to the first breath of a new baby. She knows and believes how birth works and invites her readers to join her, taking us on a tour to the innermost workings of another world. She lives among one of the most diverse populations on earth, and has given birth to a book that takes us on a bizarre journey, giving us a rare, intimate glimpse into her daily life. With graphic prose we enter with her into the Land of Birth. Midwife, mother, grandmother, doula, world traveler and author, Sorensen lives and breathes birth. Stephanie can usually be found traipsing the streets of Minneapolis on her way to one of her clients’ homes. She has five children scattered around the world, grandchildren, and over a thousand babies she calls her own, even when she cannot pronounce their names correctly. With stories so graphic you will feel your own contractions again, she guides us through her world of Amish bedrooms, hospital labor rooms, birthing suites, and operating theaters. Get your scrubs on. It's time to push!

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