Saturday, June 13, 2015

My first book signing at the St. Cloud, Minnesota Art Crawl yesterday

Our book has been born!

Below: L to R, Patricia Morris, my editor AKA fairy godmother (who else makes dreams come true?) center: Corrine Dwyer, publisher from North Star Press, and me, making believe I am a real author.

It kinda feels like my first day at kindergarten did....

And now, my very favorite other book this month that you absolutely have to check out: The Woman Who Fell from the Sky: An American Woman's Adventures in the Oldest City on Earth  by Jennifer Steil. A gifted writer, Steil surprised me with her brilliant and candid writing… and her elegance. It is rare to find a first book this enticing. Writing with a journalist's eye for detail, Steil narrates the journey she and her staff of a Yemeni newspaper take together, sometimes endearing, but then at other times a volatile clash of two cultures. I was immediately drawn into her story, so different and so original from many of the works being published here and abroad today. A truly refreshing change, The Woman Who Fell from the Sky definitely made me want to immediately order her next book, even before I turned the last page. I am not sure where Ms. Steil has been hiding all these years, but I am glad I have discovered her at last. I think I can expect the same exacting precision of writing in her next book. I cannot wait until The Ambassador's Wife arrives! 

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